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For your Hot Tub Removal, you may contact our specialists at All Junk Solutions and don't do it yourself and risk injury. Our junk removal team is trained and experienced to meet your needs and remove the hot tub for you in a safe and professional way with respect to your home or property. Our specialists provide a guaranteed 2-hour appointment window and even call you when they’re suited up and on the way. Contact us today for your clean out, hauling, and removal needs. You will be our top priority when you choose us.

Our Hot Tub Removal team will remove your hot tub, no matter where your hot tub is located, hassle free. The average hot tub weighs more than 500 lbs, so make sure you leave this task to the professionals at All Junk Solutions. We charge based on the space your items take up in our trucks, period. Labor, convenience, and travel expenses are already factored in at the base, and in 90% of cases will stay fixed for all customers. We arrive to your location when expected.

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Spa or Hot Tub Removal isn't’t as easy as taking out the trash. Hot tubs are large and nearly impossible to move on your own, and are typically not accepted at local landfills or recycling depots. Best of all at All Junk Solutions, recycling and proper hot tub disposal is prioritized, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up space in the landfill. We know exactly how to handle this type of removal properly. You will not regret choosing us for your removal needs.

Old Junk Hot Tub Removal & Haul Away

Hot Tub Removal
Junk Removal Service

Virtually anything you can think of is on our removal list. If you have it, we’ve
probably hauled it — or we know how to! Our teams can take furniture items off
your hands by the dozens, including:

We remove and dispose broken unused Hot Tubs & Saunas.         
All Junk Solutions on your side, you’ll realize there’s no job too big or small!

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Do you have an old broken Spa that that you would like removed from your property?
We disassemble, remove and haul away Spas and Hot Tubs.
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When a moldy couch or busted set of kitchen chairs is cluttering up your home, All Junk Solutions knows its mission. We specialize in junk removal and hauling of all sizes, from home clutter to full exterior tear-downs. Your unwanted furniture will be a distant memory within the very next day after your initial call. There’s no job too big or small for the #1 junk business in Des Moines!

Our industry is full-service, which means all of the legwork is done by us — not the customer. Unlike a big, bloated franchise, you aren't expected to haul your coffee table or bed frame to the curb yourself. All Junk Solutions’ trained, professional haulers will do it ourselves, no matter where on your property we have to go. Your only job is to call, point, and watch; it’s that easy!

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